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media1resize.jpgOn this page information on air quality is easily available to the media. The web solution for air quality in Cyprus is a dynamic one and can accept constant improvements. The main goal is to ensure that the pages can easily be used and be of great interest to the media. Therefore, we are very positive to suggestions for the content and the functionality of these webpages.

Photo illustrations, drawings and published text are copyrighted and cannot be broadcasted or reproduced for distribution without clearance or permission from the copyright holder. However, use of data in graphs and figures should be done with reference to the source as "Source: www.airquality.gov.cy".

For more clarifications on the content of the website, please contact the officers at the Department of Labour Inspection, Air Quality Section.

For more information please check the monthly and annual reports that concern the quality of atmospheric air in Cyprus

This section is currently being modified. There may be disruptions or inaccuracies during the update phase.

These are the initial press releases associated with the launching of the AQ information portal in Cyprus. News and current updates are now made available via the News section

01 October 2006 - New National Website for Air Quality

The Department of Labour Inspection launched today, 01.10.2006, the new national web site for air quality monitoring in Cyprus. The site, www.airquality.gov.cy, contains live data from the new extended monitoring network and factual support information. All in a state of the art, easy to use modern Internet interface. The solution has been tailor made for DLI by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) in cooperation with Medisell Co Ltd (Cyprus).

01 June 2006 - New Monitoring Stations

The launch of the 5 new monitoring stations, which expanded the monitoring network in Cyprus to a total of 9 stations, was performed by Mr Savvas Kleanthous on 01.06.2006. The Head of Air Quality section in Cyprus visited the new station in Apostolos Loucas Elementary School and expressed that he was impressed by the new investments to reduce air pollution problems in Cyprus. The solution was delivered by Medisell Co Ltd in cooperation with the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, NILU.

29 July 2005 - Launch of the Project titled " Air Pollution Monitoring System in Cyprus"

The Department of Labour Inspection signed on 29.07.2005 three contracts for the upgrade and optimization of the National Monitoring Network for Atmospheric Ambient Air Quality in Cyprus. The total amount of these contracts is estimated to be 1.774.455 Euro, part of which is co-financed by the European Union in the framework of the Pre-accession Assistance Funds of the European Union (1.378.566 Euro).

For the implementation of these contracts, which are expected to finish in one year time, the Department will purchase five new ambient air monitoring stations equipped with automatic instruments, as well as special software package, for the simulation of ambient air quality in areas were no measurements will be carried out. Furthermore, a Twinning Light project, in cooperation with Dutch Experts (NMi and RiVM), will be executed with the main purpose the exchange of experience and know-how on issues related to quality control and quality assurance of air quality measurements.

The National Ambient Air Monitoring Network in its final stage will consist of 19 stations, located all over Cyprus and it will have as a result a better monitoring, assessment and management of air quality in Cyprus and therefore, a better implementation of abatement measures for the reduction of atmospheric pollution. Furthermore, the Department will be in the position to respond on-time to all obligations derived from the European Legislation and provide extensive and on-line information to the public through its upgraded website, as well as through an outdoor information panel in a central location of Nicosia and two indoor panels that will be placed in public buildings.