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Air Pollution

airquali-graf-1.jpg Air pollution is a broad term applied to any agent (chemical, physical, biological or other) that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere and has an effect in man or the environment. Worldwide air pollution is influencing the quality of life, while in addition is accounted responsible for deaths and various respiratory diseases. Setting of air pollution levels, to regulate air quality, as is the case of related EU regulations, has contributed to levering the negative impacts of air pollution by improving air quality.

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What people can do in order to help reduce atmospheric air pollution


The Department of Labour Inspection suggests that:


  • You should always try to make rational use and consumption of energy. You can achieve this by maintaining buildings often and by replacing old equipment and devices that you have at your home/ office with new ones.
  • You should try to reduce the use of air-condition and central heating in your home/ office.
  • You should recycle paper, plastic and glass bottles to conserve energy and reduce the production of emissions.
  • When you build a new house you should closely cooperate with all the people involved in order to make sure that correct architectural design and choice of materials are being used in order to reduce the need to use the central heating, air-condition and lighting.
  • You should use renewable energy sources, such as solar collectors for the production of warm water or in cases that it is feasible use photovoltaics for saving electric power.
  • Insulate your house. When you consume less energy for heating/ cooling, then the Cyprus Electric Authority will pollute less the environment.
  • One of the best ways to reduce atmospheric pollution is to drive less!
  • Your basic choice criterion for buying a new car should be the car’s fuel consumption, as well as whether the car is equipped with some kind of modern antismog technology.
  • Maintain vehicles on a regular basis to keep them in good shape.
  • You should try alternative means of transportation, such as the bicycle and the public means of transportation, or you should walk more often.
  • You should reduce uncontrolled burning, such as rubber burning and scalds, which increase dust concentrations in the atmosphere.

What people should do in cases high atmospheric pollution episodes occur


The Department of Labour Inspection advices you to:


  • Avoid any areas with increased traffic.
  • Schedule your activities in relation to the air quality situation.
  • Older people, children and everyone who suffer from heart/ breathing problems should avoid going outside.

What the government can do to reduce atmospheric air pollution


Used cars


  • The government can provide motives for replacing old cars with new ones, which are equipped with modern anti-pollutant technology.
  • Inspection should be carried out for the cars licensed with suitability certificates from car repair shops based on a catalogue provided by the Department of Road Transport. Moreover, emphasis should be given in the catalyst performance, which will be provided in the evaluation report.
  • The Department of Labour Inspection advices the related authorities to improve the procedure followed for measuring fume emissions from cars with diesel engines.

 New cars


The Department of Labour Inspection would advice the related authorities to:


  • Implement a retraction programme for the cars that are extremely polluting the atmosphere, as well as for the cars with diesel engines.
  • Provide the public sector with cars that pollute the atmosphere less and have higher energy performance.
  • Provide motives for replacing old diesel taxis.
  • Import in a posterior stage, the mandatory implementation of the improved environmentally friendly cars.
  • Implement tax fees when buying a new car as well as when renewing the circulation license for passenger cars, at least party, in accordance with the CO2 emissions in order to encourage the purchase of cleaner and energy sufficient cars.

 Energy Consumption


The Department of Labour Inspection suggests to the competent authorities to:


  • Make sure that the appropriate studies are carried out for the construction of buildings, which have as primary target energy consumption.
  • Give motives for the purchase and installation of renewable energy source systems.

 High concentration of Particulate Matter in the atmosphere


The Department of Labour Inspection would suggest to the competent authorities to:


  • Frequently clean the roads (it will contribute to the reduction of dust in the atmosphere). 

Informing – Sensitization


The Department of Labour Inspection would advice the government to make provisions for the following measures:


  • Implementation of training programmes for technicians of car repair shops.
  • Immediately inform the consumers on the important developments in the technology sector related to private cars (OBD, fuel consumption, etc.)
  • Inform the consumers on the energy related action of devices.
  • Often inform the public through the mass media (radio, internet, television, etc.) on the results of the actions that the government takes in order to reduce atmospheric pollution.
  • Upgrade environmental education for all age groups (elementary school – gymnasium – lyceum).