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Preliminary Evaluation of Air quality in Cyprus. Final report 2004.

  1. Title (Cover sheet.pdf 163Kb)
  2. Contents (Contents.pdf 19Kb)
  3. Executive Summary (executive summary 1 to 3 & 4 to 7.pdf 531Kb)
  4. Introduction and legislation (Introduction and legislation.pdf 137kB)
  5. Emmisions Inventory (Emmisions Inventory.pdf 12.3Mb)
  6. Diffusive sampling-Methods (Diffusive sampling-Methods.pdf 126Kb)
  7. Diffusive sampling- Sites and periods (Diffusive sampling- Sites and periods.pdf 19.2Kb)
  8. Diffusive sampling-Pollutant concentrations (Diffusive sampling-Pollutant concentrations.pdf 15.8Mb)
  9. Continuous Measurements (Continuous Measurements.pdf 829Kb)
  10. Particulate Matter (Particulate Matter.pdf 1.22Mb)
  11. Balloon soundings (Balloon soundings.pdf 3.94Mb)
  12. Modelling of pollutants (Modelling of pollutants.pdf 3.64Mb)
  13. Air Quality comparison (Air Quality comparison.pdf 35.9Kb)
  14. Overall recommendations (Overall recommendations.pdf 279Kb)
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